Kitchens in Dubai are a place where you spend most of your time and you will only want to spend more in it if the kitchen is attractive enough, alluring you towards it. That’s why it is important to keep your small kitchen in check and redecorate it as much as you can.

Redecorating or revamping a small kitchen can be a very hectic task as a small kitchen’s furniture design Dubai, lighting and other things need to be selected with precision and keen research as the wrong elements can ruin all the mood of kitchen taking up a lot of unwanted and unnecessary spaces.

So here are small yet helpful tips to help you avoid inconvenience while redecorating your small kitchens.

Drawers instead of doors

A cute and fine row of drawers can not only help you save a lot of space but also help you in being organised as cabinet with drawers can prove to be very inconvenient they can create a lot of clutter with their opening and shutting and things piling up on small rows of cabinet. It can prove to be very disorganised.

Smart Positioning

If your kitchen is in a U shaped layout or maybe a triangle then choose smartly the positions of the cabinet and how you can fit a small table with two chairs in it helping you be organized as much as possible. Choose slim and sleek cabinets which do not take a lot of space but provide you with maximum storage space.

Reposition your sink

A lot of time when houses are built in architecture design the layout of the kitchen, they start fitting sink as near the stove as possible, which shouldn’t be the case. If you are on a high budget of redecorating then try reposition sink on the Island or at least far away from the stove, because it will prove to be helpful when you do dishes at the same time while cooking.

Size friendly

This might be the first time did you have heard this word but when you are on a budget of revamping a small kitchen then you need to make sure that all the appliances and furniture chosen is size friendly as the wrong kinds of furniture or kitchen cabinets which are too big or heavy can make your kitchen seem very full.