In physical therapy, the therapist examine the physical condition of patient. It includes any sort of physical condition such as disability, injury or any other condition. It does not mean that you need to visit when you are suffering from any sort of specific condition but you can also go for regular physical examination too. You should regularly go for physical therapy Abu Dhabi if you are living there. But before going for regular checkup you should know about the physical examination. Click here to read to further know about physical examination. 

Who does physical examination?

Health care professionals’ doctors or nurses do physical examination. They are qualified and have expertise in this field. 

How do they observe?

They ask about different physical and medical conditions. They take your previous medical history and sometimes your family history in the case of specific medical conditions such diabetes, heart problems. They also check about the medical issues so that they may not cause problem later. And if required they ask for further diagnostic tests. They ask about any previous surgery and any medicine if you are taking now and you have used before. Then they must ask about your life style and any sort of specific signs and symptoms that are you are experiencing or any sort of unusual change in your body. 


There are different parameters for physical examination. Some of these parameters are: height, weight, BMI, body reflexes, blood pressure, pulse, listening to heart and lungs. In short, they do complete body checkup. They will also do skin checkup and any sort of unusual change in body. 


The physical examination gives you benefit in many ways. Some of these benefits have been given here. 

If there will be any disease then it can be detected at earlier stages so it will be easy to treat disease at earlier stages. There are many diseases such as cancer which are diagnosed at late age or usually these diseases show symptoms at the stage 3 or 4 then it is difficult to treat. But if these are diagnosed at early stage then it will be easy to treat. 

Physical examinations will also help you in telling about your body condition and if there are any life style changes required. So they will also to ensure that either you are maintaining healthy life style or not.