In olden times, when there were no medicines, people used to treat themselves with the help of different therapies. Some were logical, but there were those too that were illogical and had no science behind them to say the least. They used to believe that diseases are a persecution from God because of their bad deeds. They used to just randomly pluck the leaves of various plants and applied it on their wounds or injuries.

Out of the logical therapies, hijama cupping therapy stills prevails among the people. It is one of the most effective treatments of the olden times. It involves the use of special kind of cups made out of glass, plastic or bamboo, and these are applied onto the skin to produce suction. This is done by placing a flammable substance in cup which is then set on fire and then the cup is kept upside down on the skin. Vacuum is formed which expands the blood vessels as the cup cools down. The cups are left on the skin for a few minutes.

There are two methods of cupping: wet and dry. The dry method involves the above procedure, whereas in the wet method after this some incisions are made and blood is taken out of the body from these incisions. This blood is said to have the toxins and harmful substances of our body which were needed to removed. An antibiotic is applied on the incisions made, in order to prevent them from infection. The first session involves cupping of 3 to 5 cups. However, it solely depends on you as to how many cups you want in a single visit.

Another ancient way of treating diseases is the acupuncture therapy. It involves insertion of needles instead of the cups. It involves the stimulation of acupuncture points with the acupuncture needles. Stimulation of these pressure points send nerve impulses to the central nervous system, which then releases endorphins and other neurotransmitters which block the effect of pain or stress and that’s how your pain is relieved.

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