There are numerous architecture firms UAE and you have to make your firm stand out of all of them. It is necessary that when you start your firm then you have to start it with proper planning. You have to plan each and everything. You have to plan about number of employees, their salaries, total budget of a year, a percentage of profits which will be saved for future projects etc. if you do not plan about all these things then you will face many problems after launching your company. If you plan it properly then the next step is to make it grow. For this purpose you have to look at here and get the useful tips:

Staff: You have to make your staff comfortable with you. They do not have fear of you instead they have to respect you. You have to make them feel comfortable with you where they can easily discuss their problems and ideas with you or with the manger.

Environment: The environment of any office is very important as it has the direct impact on the performance of the employees. If the environment is strict then it may affect the performance in a bad manner. People often think that the office environment should be strict and no one should be allowed to even talk unnecessarily with each other. This thinking is totally wrong because if this is applied then the employees will feel like working in a jail and they will not feel enthusiastic to perform well. A good and healthy environment should be there in order to make them feel relaxed.

Competition: People often think that a healthy competition is good for the overall performance of the employees. This is the right way of thinking because when employees know that they will get the incentives on the basis of their own performance and will be given the incentives fairly without any discrimination, then they will work hard and with more loyalty. When they will get the true incentive through healthy competition then they will become more loyal towards their firm. This competition is also fruitful for the increased profits of the firm too because when the employees work with more dedication then it will directly increase the profits of the fund and the firm will grow immensely.